Monday, 7 April 2014

April 2014 {edited}

I just realised I've not posted anything for the month of April. As usual, I'm up until 3+ AM cause that's what my body clock is used to already...

I'm really excited for June/July to arrive just because I can't wait to change my phone (Well, hopefully I get to) even though April has just started...

Exams are this weekend and I can't wait for it to be over already! Hopefully, I'll be able to get my revision done by tuesday if not wednesday... I'm really losing my momentum and that's not good at all. I'm glad that I listened more attentively in class this term though, it helps in refreshing the memory on what has been learnt...

And so, March has been pretty fruitful! Went for Encore @ Fort Canning Park for 2 days and it was really really good! Mama Mia and Grease, I love these films so much! So much so that Mama Mia actually made my reflect and think about what I need to let go and I am really proud to say that I've let go of whatever that was haunting me =)

P.S HK next week and I'm really excited about it!

I figured late night ramblings for a new post in a new month won't do so here it is again... I'm not a huge fan of a full face routine so I usually go for BB cream, blush, mascara and some lip product(s). I stayed away from my foundations cause the weather is so brutal on my skin and foundation would just slide off the minute I step out of my place.

What I've been diligently using are Laneige BB Cushion, Innisfree blush/Benefit Coralista/M.A.C Ripe for Love, Lancome Hypnose Star waterproof mascara/U.D Cannonball mascara, Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Passion Fruit Crush/NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée. Really simple stuff and I don't have to think much about going wrong with these products. Also, I recently purchased a new fragrance that I'm absolutely in love with - Versace Bright Crystal! The scent and bottle is so pretty that I can't stop smelling it! I'm definitely going to repurchase when I'm at the DFS for a bigger bottle!

I gotta head back to the books now cause I'm more satisfied with a new post in April =)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What About Life

Hopefully you've clicked the link and watched the video before coming back here to listen to me... It's these sort of videos that I absolutely adore and keeps me pondering about life and hopefully moulding me into a different person. 

After watching this video, it's particularly thought provoking for me especially when she brought up the education system locally. I'm not the person that went through the conventional way of education system. I dropped out of it when I was 17 turning 18. I'm definitely not book-smart, my interest lies somewhere else much more creative, more fun-filling, more exciting �� I'm not a math person, not a science person (though I really enjoy Chemistry) so it's particularly tough for me when math is a compulsory subject to pass. It really placed an immense amount of pressure especially since I totally don't get math, never did and never will... With that aside, the video really got me wondering about the path that I've chosen after passing my O'levels the second time around only to choose the route of private education. It didn't seem logical to me that I would go into engineering when CLEARLY it has everything to do with math �� and all that jazz. 

Coming this far, I've never once regretted my decision though I do rant quite a bit about my assignment, projects and exams and how I'm tied to the neck and buried under books... Truth is, I've really enjoyed my learning journey. And my my, I don't think I've made any decisions better than this... Since my formal education years, it's all about rules and what you NEED to be and not what you WANT to be. It's particularly suffocating that everyone around you just follows and they follow it well, for me though: Not so much or maybe not at all... 

I've come to a point realising that I'm not like everyone else, I don't follow the same things blindly, I definitely have my way of thinking and most importantly, I'm my own person and to me, that's the most important. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

March 2014

It's been a while since I last updated this space... Reason being, I was sorting out some things in my life and I didn't want anything to distract me then (though sometimes writing here can be a good distraction). Now that things are more settled down and hopefully will work out itself, I can be more at ease about going about my daily routine.

Totally skipped February not because there wasn't anything exciting, there was! But I figured I should keep it in private and I would like it to stay that way. As usual, February was the shortest month but I've felt immense strength and support and I hate that it had to end... On a side note, I've been watching some good movies and reading some e-books. Though I hate to admit that e-books are SO convenient but I do have a few physical novels that I've yet to start on.

I doubt anyone has heard of it, well to be fair, I happened to stumble upon this. I don't recall this being in the box office in Singapore but I watched it and enjoyed it. Though I didn't have the same experience as with the characters in the movies, there were themes that I could relate to! So I definitely recommend this movie! 

AND I managed to get Frozen online! It's SO good! �� Let it go let it go ��
Hahaha! I've been so addicted to this song ever since I watched Frozen. 

Also, I read this really insightful book on introverts as there were several other articles on Thought Catalogue (I read their articles so much!) There are so many misconceptions about introverts that I really agree with and being an introvert myself, I find myself nodding to certain most parts of the book (Note: I only do this when I'm at home ��) 

There were a few other books that I've read throughout February but I need to search for the titles =) 

March has been pretty good to me so far except for the fact that assignments are catching up but thankfully I have the habit of starting early so I suppose this space won't be updated till much much later.

So I'll update this space once I'm not so suffocated with assignments!

Friday, 24 January 2014


雜誌說 獅子座本星期豔遇很多

有幾個朋友說 他最近老了很多

其實這個人 已與我無關
翻他的臉書 翻得這麼晚
不過是我手指頭 自作主張的壞習慣

其實這個人 已與我無關
當他看到我 婚禮邀請函
他一定也這樣說 心中不起一絲波瀾

一二三 一二三
健身房 燈還沒關
Find more lyrics at ※
突然間 才想起來 是為誰流汗

其實這個人 已與我無關
翻他的臉書 翻得這麼晚
不過是我手指頭 自作主張的壞習慣

其實這個人 已與我無關
有天我照片 出現訃聞版
他一定也這樣說 心中不起一絲波瀾

其實這個人 已與我無關
手機裡的他 笑得多燦爛
不過是一直很忙 無用的資料忘了刪

其實這個人 已與我無關
他前面的路 是光明暗淡
我決定袖手旁觀 至少不能比他更慢

You know, sometimes lyrics just speak to you when you're in an especially bad mood and you wished that you could sleep it away but you just gotta go on with your life. So songs that speak to you help you relieve some of that bad mood. 你,已经与我无关。。。

Monday, 20 January 2014


I have a problem. A huge problem with beauty products, they just suck me into their beautiful exterior and wonderful after use. Therefore, a hole in my pocket is what it did to me today on two occasions. Basically, there are four products that I purchased today. One body product and the rest, lip products... [P.S: I can't seem to type in proper sentences. Must be the hunger. But really, I'm just procrastinating to do my work till after dinner.] 

I've been looking for a good body scrub after the last scrub that I used. I did say it's my HG product but without a sale, I don't think I'll be able to afford it on a regular basis since I've religiously used it every fortnight over a period of 4 months. So, I headed over to Innisfree after going to Lush [their shower scrub is sold out, what luck!] to see if I'm able to get any body scrub and voilà, I was able to! I almost picked up Tangerine Blossom Perfumed Body Jelly Scrub. I always make sure to go around the shop to see if I can find the product that I want and then I saw the Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub. The price and scent were deciding factors in deciding between the two. The body jelly is S$19 while the body gel is S$13! When I smelt the products, the body gel just bought me over. I would totally get the body jelly scrub but there seems to be a slight tinge of jasmine [I may be wrong about this after all, it's called tangerine for a reason] which I'm not a huge fan of. 

What's interesting is the description of the product which is ripped out of the Global Innisfree Website: Jeju organic green tea moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients and the natural scrub particles gently exfoliate dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and clear. 

Credits to Korea Depart

The next few products are from Sephora. I bought these items separately from Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City. 

The very first product that I purchased is a lip stain from Stila. I basically went up to the SA and asked there's any lip stain. I didn't have any preference as I was in a rush and I needed some colour on my lips. She recommended the lip & cheek stain and swatched two shades on her hand [I told her I wanted something natural]. I eventually went with passion fruit crush. I used it immediately after I purchased it and I absolutely loved it! What it claims to do: A multitasking lip and cheek stain that reacts to pH levels to create a perfectly personalized hue. I'm always skeptical when products claim to say "perfect" or "personalise". But this product works wonders! 

The other two products are NYX Butter Gloss and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick respectively. The thing about hyped products is I'm skeptical about them and also because I have dry and sensitive lips. I bought these two mainly because I wanted to know why people love them so much and after trying out, I know what to avoid to prevent unnecessary splurges in the future. 

Swatched Crème Brulee and I was amazed at how creamy and smooth it was! Needless to say, the colour is super pretty! I've not tested this out yet so I can't talk much about it just yet... 

I've never tried any Urban Decay lip products but I do have the Urban Decay Cannonball mascara that works wonders on my lashes! I use it in between MUFE Aqua Lash and Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, ALL of which are waterproof formulas. So, Youtube is one of the channels that I use to find out about the latest skincare, beauty and body products although the prices and the products that is carried in Singapore are different. I was watching one of my favourite beauty guru, Jenn from Frmheadtotoe talk about the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick. As usual, I always go for rose coloured lipsticks as they work best on me although I love the occasional bright pink or coral lip colours. I went on to pick up Fiend that is described as muted rose on the Sephora website. I didn't swatch it in the store as I was pretty confident of this particular shade. I always have an eye for rose coloured lip products that I can pick it up but my radar becomes faulty and I make poor shade choices [hahaha]. 

And with that, these are the splurges I have for today. I don't think I'll be buying any more products for the rest of the month till February as these are enough to last me till then =)